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There have been and still are various types of air conditioners and brands, although quite a few have since disappeared.

No longer can you purchase, the simple, but noisy and inexpensive, Room Air Conditioner.
High Wall Splits, are the most common and efficient way to heat/cool your home, ranging from Floor Consoles and Ceiling Cassette Split Systems to Bulkhead and Single Vent Systems to, Fully Ducted Systems and more elaborate VRV units which are a combination of multiple concealed ducted and bulkhead systems attached to one outdoor unit. DAIKIN now have a 5 head Multi System

They vary from:

Architecturally designed homes with so called "perfect" aspect and ventilation, which is adequeate for normal days, but CAN they reduce Humidity levels on those hot, sticky days of summer in Australia throughout January, February and March? Are they somehow self warming by 20 degrees in Winter?             The simple answer, NO.

Ceiling and Upright fans provide a breeze and ventilation. But again nothing for Humidity, extreme Heat or the Cold of winter. They just move the air around.

Fireplaces and Slow Combustion Burners provide great atmosphere, but what do they do in Summer besides collect dust? My Dad used to say Wood burners heat 3 times; First when you collect, chop and split the timber. Second when you carry, stack, prepare and clean out the leftovers from the last fire. Finally, of course, when you sit in front of it, AFTER you have done all that needless, hard work. Do you have the TIME for ALL THIS, EVERY DAY? What if it has been raining and the wood is wet? And just how efficient are they anyway? Have a look at the survey the Victorian government completed on heating in your home. Reverse Cycle Airconditioners are up to 300% more efficient than all other types. And lets face it, wouldn't you rather just be able to press a button?

Gas heaters leave up to a 20% residue floating around your home.They produce a moist, wet, heat, which amplifys, problems with mould, mildew and rising damp. They have no benefits in summer, and as for price, a gas ducted system with an add on cooling system, it's nearly double the purchase and installation price and running costs. Why would you waste your money? Ask yourself why are schools and Aged Care Facilities REMOVING GAS HEATERS ?

Room Air Conditioners. Square noisy chunky boxes that rattle the windows and walls, Not to mention expensive to run, and annoy your neighbours constantly. These were relatively cheap, but nowadays they dont comply with the Industry Standards and are no longer safe, even if they were still available.
We come and give you a FREE, no obligation, quote, (I lie it's not free it will cost you a cup of coffee), talk to you about your needs, requirements and design, and provide you with the best suitable solution for your home. We also provide service, repairs and Warranty

Choose from:

DAIKIN Inverter Reverse Cycle High Wall Split System. (Cooling only systems save you about $60 to $100 and are not readily available).

DAIKIN Inverter Reverse Cycle Floor Console Split System

DAIKIN Inverter Reverse Cycle Ceiling Casssette Split System

DAIKIN Inverter Reverse Cycle Fully ducted Split System

A ''Split'' System simply means that there is an Indoor and an Outdoor Unit.

We have the full range of systems available to meet your individual household needs we also stock FUJITSU, SAMSUNG and ACTRON

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